Winter Meditation Series

with Kevin Henry, LSW

Mindfulness and Beyond:
The Boundlessness of Meditation

Saturdays: 9:30am-11:45am
February 4, 18 and March 4, 2017

Cost: $65 (pay when you register)

Mindfulness and Beyond: the Boundlessness of Meditation

In recent decades, mindfulness has become a centerpiece of meditation practice. This is precisely because of the grace and ease of mindfulness practice and its effectiveness in helping us find our own natural calm and stress-hardiness in the midst of the demands of daily life. Despite its benefits to a healthier life, lived more fully in the present moment, mindfulness offers only a partial glimpse into the breadth of meditation's possibilities.

In three Saturday morning sessions (see details below), you'll have the opportunity to explore the full range of the promise of meditation. This certainly includes mindfulness, but also the luminous beating heart of that larger focus of meditation’s historical intent: clarity on the nature of reality and the relief of suffering.

Join Kevin Henry for three, 2-hour workshops in February and March.The workshops build on each other and include presentation, robust discussion, and experiential practice. Supportive handouts will be provided. The workshops are staggered every two weeks to allow for at-home practice. Kevin will be available by phone and email in between workshops at no additional charge to offer support and clarity and to answer any questions on meditative practice or other issues of curiosity.

At the end of the workshop series, Kevin will offer additional advanced workshops on these rich meditation practices for those who are interested.


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Tuesday Group Meditation

With Judith Gusky, LPC

This group has been discontinued. We'll let you know if it starts up again.

What is meditation?

What is meditation? How do you meditate? Why would I want to meditate? When is a good time to meditate? Where should I meditate. These are all good questions each with a multitude of answers.

Perhaps the more useful question is: "Does meditation work." But here too, there is no definitive answer. At least if you are talking "scientific evidence."

Does meditation work?

Click for the answer.

Yes  (Graphic Version)            No               Maybe

A Sample of One

So, if you clicked on any of the options above, you see that meditation does work in many instances (i.e. it has been scientifically validated) and on the whole it may prove to work much better than we realize, but more scientific research is needed. For now, we work with study samples of one (individuals)! or a few (families)! or many (groups)!

Different Strokes

Meditation and mindfulness are really the same, whether you are considering practices, processes, or ultimate goals. Mindfulness cultivates a meditative state. Meditation leads to mindfulness (in thought, emotions, action). Aside from this, how you practice meditation and why you practice meditation is a very personal choice. What works best for "me" is really the bottom line.

Call 412.687.1234 or CONTACT US to learn more about meditation and how it can help improve your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

What PIMH Offers

PIMH teaches mindful meditation and deep relaxation to clients who want to: (as part of treatment plans or stand-alone training)

  • Reduce stress
  • Live more purposefully
  • Relieve anxiety and panic
  • Focus better
  • Improve relationships
  • Explore a sense of spiritual connection
  • Cultivate a sense of peace and well-being
  • Expand a consciousness of loving kindness toward self and others
  • Retrieve forgotten memories 
  • Tap into the creative self

Simple to More Complex

Meditation starts by stopping... in order to become more aware. More aware of what? Of your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your breath....and that person, thing, or objective in front of you.

Methods of meditation vary and depend entirely on what it is you want to accomplish. We are only scratching the surface her with some of the following examples:

Grounding Exercises
For anxiety, PTSD, stress, intense emotions, feelings of disorientation and disconnectedness....

Breathing Meditation
For anxiety, anger, depression, feeling overwhelmed, relaxing....

Body Scan
For mind/body awareness, tension release, quieting the mind, strengthening concentration, focusing attention....

Progressive Relaxation
For release of muscle tension, and body awareness

Mindful Meditation
For fear, shame, anger, hostility, agitation, intense emotions, negativity. For focusing attention toward cultivating a sense of acceptance, patience, compassion, and loving kindness for self, others, and the earth....

Guided Visualization
For improving health (illness and recovery), creativity and performance. For anxiety, depression, PTSD, and healing grief. For cultivating positive emotions, laughter, sensitivity to music, openness to spirituality, intuition, abstract thinking, and empathy.

Transcendental Meditation
For anxiety, depression, greater inner calm, reduced insomnia, improved memory, improved health

Yoga Meditation
For fuller awareness of senses, body, breath, and various levels of mind, moving toward the center of consciousness.

Advanced Mediation Techniques