Our Team

Judith Gusky, LPC

Judith Gusky is a licensed professional clinical mental health counselor and therapist (LPC) in Pittsburgh. She came to counseling as a mid-life career change. She brings a lifetime of experiences, challenges, and insight to her work with a diverse clientele. In 2013, Judith took a leap of faith and put into motion a new "integrative" model providing both traditional and alternative therapies for better mental health. Along with the switch came a new business name, Pittsburgh Integrative Mental Health (PIMH). At PIMH Judith is able to provide alternative therapies and a broad range of specialized options for treatment of mind, body, and spirit.

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Emmanuel Birstein, LMT, CST (Click for more.)

Emmanuel Birstein is a physicist by training, an athlete by lifestyle, a researcher by nature, and a healer by heredity. In the past several years he has been practicing his own form of holistic bodywork. As a bodywork professional, Emmanuel is a Craniosacral Therapist licensed by the Upledger Institute and the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP). Emmanuel attended the Canadian College of Osteopathy and during his numerous and prolonged trips to India he was fortunate to be initiated and to study one-on-one with great masters of yoga, meditation and chi-gong. From 2006-2012 Emmanuel studied Biodynamics, the most sophisticated modern branch of cranial osteopathy. He completed the full main curriculum of the Upledger and Barral institutes (Visceral and Nervous System Manipulation). Emmanuel has taken classes at the Postgraduate School for Osteopaths in Moscow. He also completed the full Lymph Drainage curriculum of IAHP (currently Chikly Institute). Emmanuel worked as a preceptor at the Upledger clinic in Palm Beach, FL. Since 2006 Emmanuel started teaching a blend of his own techniques to medical doctors in Russia. In a two-year period from 2012 to 2014, Emmanuel successfully taught 40 seminars. He also conducted several one-day workshops for elite athletes.

Client Feedback:

Great thanks to Emmanuel. He has not just healed me with his spirit but he gave my soul a chance to reconceive my existence in this world, to see myself from a different perspective. His hands, his mind and… I don’t know what else create miracles. Once again, great thanks to Emmanuel.


Kevin Henry, LSW

Kevin Henry has worked in the field of human services for over forty years—in special education, head injury and neurological rehabilitation for adults and children, behavioral medicine services, and for the past 20 years, as a social worker for Forbes Hospice in Pittsburgh, where he was the counselor for dying patients and their families and friends in the Inpatient Unit, and the Bereavement Coordinator for the entire program until his retirement in December 2015. Kevin also provides grief counseling for families, groups, workplaces, and organizations.

Kevin also offers instruction and coaching (for individuals and groups) in meditation, mindfulness, tai chi, and qigong, having studied many years with some of the "best teachers on the planet" for those practices. In mindfulness for stress reduction, Kevin has studied with Jon Kabbat-Zinn. His chief training in meditation and tai chi and quigong was with Master Shou-Yu Liang, Kevin has been a teacher of tai chi and qigong for 30 years at various locations including: The Pittsburgh Center for Natural Health, Whole Health Resources, Carnegie Mellon University, Irene Kaufmann Jewish Community Center, The Exceptional Cancer Patients retreat intensives, numerous area hospital programs, and he has provided several demonstrations on Eleanor Shano's AgeWise telecasts on WQED. Check out Kevin's workshop: Sitting Meditation, Qigong, and Haiku: A Trifecta of Mind-Body-Spirit Unity. Kevin is currently developing mindfulness programs for PIMH.

Vincent Reginella, MS (Click for More)

Vincent is a counselor-in-training currently receiving LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) supervision with Judith Gusky, LPC. Vincent's background includes a B.S. in Psychology with a focus in Neuropsychology from Allegheny College and a M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling from the University of Pittsburgh. Much of Vincent's clinical work falls under the specialization of Cognitive Rehabilitation. Vincent brings a new and much-needed focus in services and clientele to PIMH. He has counseling experience working in both individual and group settings with teens and transition-age young adults, and also, those transitioning to school or work after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion.

Maria Carlini, MT-BC (Click for more.)

Maria Carlini is a board certified music therapist (MT-BC) and a graduate of Duquesne University’s School of Music, Music Therapy program. She is currently part of the music therapy faculty at Seton Hill University in southwestern Pennsylvania. For more than thirty years, Maria Carlini has been serving individuals and groups through the use of creative and expressive arts with a specific focus on music therapy and the process of guided imagery and music. Maria is a trained facilitator in the Bonney Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). She has also completed training in MARI -mandala assessment, a Jungian art therapy diagnostic. Maria uses music, imagery and mandala in her therapy practice to assist individuals in identifying and working with issues and conflicts in a creative and empowering way. The goal is to help individuals access personal insights which can lead to self-understanding and integration of body, mind and spirit. Maria uses a number of other music therapy techniques in working with clients of all ages. Additionally, Maria has has been working with women in recovery from addictions for 23 years. She currently runs a music and expressive arts therapy program at POWER in Pittsburgh: PA Organization for Women in Early Recovery.

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